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Explosive Detection






Surya comes to us from London, and have worked in several studios over the years. Surya enjoys doing a variety of styles. He has special interest in Japanese and graphic pieces.

Mistral Detection’s Explosive Detection and Identification Kits are designed for pre- and post-blast scenarios and include a wide range of detection capabilities. Mistral’s wet chemistry products are easy-to-use;










All products can be used both indoors and outdoors and in any

weather condition. All Mistral wet chemistry products are highly

sensitive with results appearing in just seconds. The detection/

identification process requires no technical background or

special training; testing can be performed “on-the-spot”.


1. Expray®

Expray®, a unique explosive aerosol test technology, detects both trace and substance levels of explosives as well as homemade explosive (HME) precursors. Commonly used by armed forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, Expray helps detect a wide spectrum of explosives and HME precursors quickly and effectively.


2. DropEx

DropEx is a dropper-bottle technology developed for both in-thefield and laboratory conditions. DropEx kits include a full range of detection capabilities and are packaged in convenient ‘Work Station’ cases. *We offer kits that combine both Expray® and DropEx.



ExPen (ampoule-based technology) contains the same chemistry

technology as DropEx bottles. The ExPen was designed for military, EOD, and security personnel primarily for easy carrying and for situations that do not require multiple tests.


4. Liquid Explosive Detection

The Liquid Explosive Detection (LED) Kit is a unique field test kit

used for the detection and identification of six groups of known

explosives that may exist in liquid form and is tested and approved by the European Civil Aviation Conference. The kit provides a complete workstation solution, with sterile liquid-samplers, disposable testtrays, test papers dispensers, reagents and dropper-bottles.